So where is Ward 2?

Our Ward sits on the north east  of Guelph. It is bound by Woolwhich Street on the west, runs north-east of Eramosa Road, east of Victoria Road and north of Eastview  Road.

Ward 2 has economically diverse neighbourhoods which include several shopping plazas, schools, places of worship, senior residences, medical offices and several institutions, including the Guelph General Hospital and the Guelph Youth Music Centre.

Note that as of the 2018 elections, Ward 2 had the smallest voter count of all the Wards in Guelph, at ~18,000 eligible voters, compared to ~26,000 eligible voters in Ward 6 and ~ 24,000 eligible voters in Ward 4.

What else would you like to find out about Ward 2?

Let us know if you would find it helpful to have a list of City facilities, school, commercial centres, neighbourhood groups, etc. We’re happy to customize this page to meet the needs of everyone in Ward 2.