Cardigan Street Stop Sign: Part II

Staff have provided a preliminary response to the concern about the stop sign removal at Cardigan and Norwich Streets:


Thanks for forwarding the comments on the proposed change to the stop control at Norwich and Cardigan Sts.

Prior to responding I will gather all the information on the proposed changes along this block i.e. roadway narrowing, on-street park changes as well as the treatment of London Road and Cardigan St. All of which may help to alleviate the concerns being raised. Hopefully I can have this information to you early next week. In the interim no action will be taken at this location.”

0 thoughts on “Cardigan Street Stop Sign: Part II

  1. Stops signs are just the beginning of the traffic management measures that need to be implemented in the Cardigan/Norwich/London Road area.

    Once Phase III of the 60 Cardigan Street development is complete (that is the row of townhomes that will have their parking garage access from the laneway between Cardigan and Woolwich), we will have to consider implementing one way traffic flow in portions of this area.

    I strongly suggest that both the 3-way intersections at London/Cardigan and Cardigan/Norwich implement 3-way stop signs. This area has a lot of foot traffic as people walk to and from the GYMC, the Wolfond parks, the laundromat, With the Grain and downtown. The GYMC is home to several schools and children make up a great proportion of this pedestrian traffic.

    As for the parking garage exit from the “twin slabs”, residents are treating this as a road, not as a driveway, and exiting onto the street without stopping.

    This is a great example of a walkable community – lets make sure that we remain safe doing so.

  2. I believe removing the stop sign on Cardigan St. at Norwich is a terrible idea. Cars will be able to zoom down hill, picking up speed at an area of high pedestrian traffic and right near a quiet park and historical sight.

    Keep the Stop sign and put in speed bumps. Slow the traffic down. Don’t allow it to speed up.
    Thanks for listening.

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