Idling Buses in the Square

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Many people ask City Councillors and transit staff why does the City of Guelph allow buses to idle in St. George’s Square. It creates unnecessary noise and pollution and contributes to the carbon loading of our atmosphere. Here is staff’s response to this question: Engine manufacturers had traditionally recommended that diesel engines be allowed to idle for […]

Province announces new big highway to Kitchener.

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This week, the Province of Ontario announced plans to build a new 4 lane highway between Guelph and Kitchener. “Better roads will improve safety, create jobs, encourage economic growth and keep this community strong.” says Transportation Minster Donna Cansfield. What of all the talk about improved public transit? I thought we were trying to reduce […]

Bikes on Buses.

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How do we get more bums on buses. With the increased public awareness of climate change, one of the many questions received by City Hall is how can we improve public transit in Guelph. A question posed recently was can the City of Guelph have bicycle racks on their city buses. This would allow transit […]