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Council of Canadians supports improving pipeline processes

From the CoC

On June 23rd Councillor Laidlaw will be presenting the motion below. Paul Costello, a member of the Board for the Guelph Chapter of the Council of Canadians has sent you each a copy of “Not Worth the Risk” related to the transportation of crude oil through Line 9 pipelines in Ontario.

Our chapter requests that the City of Guelph supports the motion below. In doing so we support other municipalities like Toronto and Kingston which have passed this motion to protect their water resources from the probable damaging effects of oil spills in their

Being in a community that places high importance on the protection of our watersheds and resources,
our citizens need to have the assurance that our elected representatives are protecting them.

We are unable to make a delegation at this time but depend on your support.

Thank you so much .


NC & KB co-chairs for Guelph Chapter.

That the following motion be referred to the Planning & Building, Engineering and Environment Committee:

1. That City Council direct the City Solicitor to write to the Federal Minister of Natural Resources requesting immediate implementation of proposed regulations
announced by the Government of Canada that will require companies operating major crude oil pipelines to have a minimum of $1 billion in financial capacity.

2. That City Council request the Premier, the Minister of Energy and the Minister of the Environment to follow-up on any outstanding concerns not addressed in the National Energy Board decision on Line 9B and further, to advise that the City supports any actions undertaken by the Province to ensure the outstanding
concerns are addressed by Enbridge.

3. That City Council requests the Ontario Minister of Environment to conduct a comprehensive environmental assessment for the Enbridge Line 9B Application.

4. That City Council directs the City Clerk to forward a copy of the request in Part 3 to the Federal Minister of the Environment.

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