Edward Johnson School Crossing: Part II

The school crossing on Stevenson St. in front of Edward Johnson School has been a issue for parents, City and school officials. The high number of children crossing the street combined with increased traffic and a number of accidents in the area have made crossing the street a concern for all.

A City staff recommendation to post an adult crossing guard at the crosswalk during the peak morning and afternoon crossing times was unanimously passed at committee and City Council.

Other approved recommendations include closing the school’s parking lot to traffic and investigating the possibility of relocating the bus loading zone.

Members of Council along with parents, school officials and City staff also hope that drivers respect school zone areas by slowing down and obeying posted signage.


Just to re-emphasis the need for changes to the school crossing, Ward 2 Councillors Vicki Beard and Ian Findlay received this letter:

My 2 children attend Edward Johnson and have the responsibility of
dropping them off every single morning.

The issue isn’t the crosswalk per say it is some irresponsible drivers
that every single day seem to think that it is okay to run the yellow
light at the crosswalk regardless of children crossing the street. My
wife and I always make sure to look both ways even when the crosswalk is
in our favor because it is such a hazard!

I witnessed both accidents that occurred during the past 3 weeks and in
each case the vehicles were speeding in a school zone and each visibly
rushed through the cross walk intersection with obvious results. You can
put more visible sign-age at this location, however it does not deter
people from bad behavior when driving through the school zone.

Yes the police have used radar etc. except it has always been 3 blocks
passed the crosswalk. Would it not be far more beneficial to have a
police presence right at the crosswalk, therefore deterring speeding
motorist arriving there?

Another suggestion is to close the school parking lot from parents between
8:30 – 9:00 am & 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm. The parking lot directly adjacent to
the school contributes to the traffic issues. There are to many motorist
trying to squeeze into the parking lot during those times which causes
multiple problems.

Bottom line is that Guelphites need to understand that school zones should
be caution areas since our precious children attend these places during
hight traffic periods and the City needs to provide the correct tools &
laws to severely punish those who disobey them. Or do we have to wait
until serious injury or worse occurs?              RS

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