Edward Johnson School Crossing

The crosswalk in front of Edward Johnson School  has been a concern for parents. Recently a mother and child were struck by a car while crossing Stevenson St. on their way to the school. City staff and police have studied the problem and are recommending that a permanent adult crossing guard be posted to assist at the crossing. In addition, staff are also recommending that the school limit access to the parking lot and to investigate options for relocating the school bus loading zone.

These recommendations will be presented to the Emergency Services, Community Services and Operations Committee on March 14 before being presented to Council.

The committee meets at 5pm in Council chambers at City Hall.

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  1. Safety of residents of all ages is a first and foremost priority. My fear in providing more crossing guards is that we are not addressing the problem. Rather we are providing a costly reactionary “solution”.

    Why not use the funds to pay crossing guards to police the areas. I would like to see our city leaders state publicly that we are a city that does not tolerate unsafe driving and especially in school districts. A blitz of stiff ticketing for unsafe driving including in school districts will soon spread word that our city leaders are serious. In time what they lead will become the culture of our city.

    Drivers would soon take on this culture and we could have safety patrols being the responsible crossing guards on all school corners again. Just think about the gains of youth being safety patrols without the backup of adult crossing guards. They learn team work, leadership skills, skills for the work place like interpersonal skills and punctuality role modelling and caring for their younger peers.

    Let’s slow down the drivers, save money by not hiring safety patrols and get our youth back taking care of their peers.

  2. I am pleased that the decision has been made to have an adult crossing guard at Edward Johnson school. The school has worked hard at trying to find a solution to this problem. I know that a number of measures were taken through ticketing, posting signs notifying drivers of their speed and changing a crosswalk into a set of stop lights. The student population at the school has dramatically increased over the the last few years (hence the number of portables). The school was never intended to be handling the volume of pick up and drop off traffic and buses that now gather outside of the school. I am happy that the whole situation is being looked at not only with crossing but also parking and bus location. Currently older student are helping out as lunch monitors, reading buddies and assisting younger children at recess.

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