Excitement on Cardigan Street

If you haven’t been down Cardigan Street lately, you’ll be in for a surprise. Exciting things are happening. The Guelph Youth Music Centre is open and thriving. The Stewart Mills Condominium phase one is being occupied with phase two construction to start soon. Street reconstruction is underway with new sidewalks, newly designed park space and a widened street to be completed this spring.

However with all these new developments come some concerns from local residents.

The stop sign at the corner of Cardigan and Norwich St. is scheduled to be removed March 16th.

“I am afraid that the decision to remove the stop sign on Cardigan will lead to user conflict (and likely injuries) because it effectively creates a new vehicular thoroughfare from the top of Woolwich Street (near Eramosa) to the intersection of London Rd and Woolwich Streets.” states one resident.

“I don’t remember any public announcement about this proposed change so it was a bit of a surprise to see the sign (announcing the change) today.” states another.

One local resident wishes a new stop sign to be erected at the intersection of London and Cardigan St.

Another concern raised is the proposed use of an existing lane way to access the new Stewart Mills Condos. A petition is being circulated by local residents that oppose the use of this lane by the new condominium residents.

These comments and the petition have been forwarded to city staff for their review and response.

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  1. Having been a former resident at the corner of London and Cardigan Streets, I know that the one-way stretch of Cardigan St. heading to Norwich is a commonly used route. There are a few important reasons, with the additional traffic now for the GYMC and Stewart Mills Condos, to keep the stop sign there.
    One is the traffic coming out of the parking garage at the twin slab apartments. It is essentially a blind spot for drivers coming down Cardigan from the Wyndham/Eramosa corner, and those coming from the garage are at the corner within moments of adjusting from a dark garage to bright daylight. The other is bike riders whipping down the steep Norwich Hill from Woolwich. From a safety standpoint, I really can’t see how removal of this stop sign can be justified.

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