Bikes on Buses.

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How do we get more bums on buses. With the increased public awareness of climate change, one of the many questions received by City Hall is how can we improve public transit in Guelph. A question posed recently was can the City of Guelph have bicycle racks on their city buses. This would allow transit […]

When does my sidewalk get plowed?

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This is a commonly asked question. After every snowfall, the City receives many calls about snow clearance. Some people ask why we are spending so much money on sidewalk plowing and others complain that it is not being done fast enough. Clarification has been provided by staff as to the City of Guelph’s policy on […]

The case for pesticide use.

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A draft pesticide bylaw was recently rejected by the Community Development and Environmental Services Committee of Council. The draft bylaw would have limited the application of pesticides in certain conditions such as if it is too windy or too hot outside. Staff were directed to return to committee with a proposal that would effectively ban the cosmetic use […]

The new City Hall (sometimes called the Civic Administration Building)

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We want your opinion. The City is currently constructing the new City Hall (see recent photo at: ). Council wants you to have your input in how the courtyard looks and feels. What do you think? Do you want a skating rink, chess boards, outdoor art gallery or just a huge slab of concrete?  There will […]