Parking Changes – Cardigan Street Part III

The following letter was recently circulated to residents on Cardigan St. by city staff.

“With the recent reconstruction of Cardigan St. city staff have reviewed the existing parking restrictions on Cardigan St. between Norwich St. E. and London Rd. E.

To maintain traffic flow, assist with vehicles entering and exiting from private parking areas and maximum parking opportunities, a No Parking restriction will be implemented on the west side of Cardigan St. between Norwich St. E. and London Rd. E. In conjunction with this change, on the east side of Cardigan St., a 2 hour parking zone will be implemented as well as restrictions at the intersections at Norwich St. and London Rd.

We anticipate that permanent signage will be installed on the side of Cardigan St. within the next two months. Permanent signs willalso be installed on the west side once the boulevard and sidewalk work is completed, until then to address immediate concerns, temporary no parking signs will be erected as required.

If you have any questions or comments about these changes, please contact Doug Godfrey at or 519-837-5612 x252 by March 22, 2007.”

The following letter has been forwarded to staff for comment.

“Parking is a problem for the many users of the Guelph Youth Music Centre. There are regularly over 100 people in the building and often 150-200 on Saturday mornings and for special events. Plus the Navy League has activities every evening and Saturday mornings. When the Centre opened there was angled parking along Cardigan Street which accommodated far more cars than the present parallel parking. Plus there was parking on both sides of the street. The city designed the parking lot but did not build it to their own design. The result is that there are 10 fewer spaces than in the design. The overall result is the loss of about 30 spaces.

Now the parking is going to be limited to 2 hours. Saturday mornings these 100 people will be in the building for 3 hours. There is no other reasonable place for them to park except in our small lot and on the street.

We suggest that parking be limited to 3 hours on weekdays and no limit on weekends. Also we suggest that the city reconfigure the parking lot to accommodate at least 10 more cars.

The Guelph Youth Music Centre is a wonderful facility that benefits many, many children in our community. The city should do every thing in its power to keep it viable and hopping with action. Besides it is is downtown and we do want people downtown, don’t we?”

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