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Save the Date: Feb 27 Launch of Community Consultation for Guelph’s Growth Management Strategy and Official Plan Review

Please save the date: February 27

On the evening of February 27, Planning Services will be launching our community consultation for the City’s Growth Management Strategy and Official Plan Review. Our goal is to inspire the residents of Guelph to get involved in deciding how Guelph should grow to 2041.

The event will be a conversation about a growing city. It will include speaker presentations followed by a moderated panel discussion with an invitation for questions from the audience.

Our speakers are three experts in the field of urban planning:

  • Todd Salter, our general manager of Planning and Building Services;
  • Jennifer Keesmaat of The Keesmaat Group (and former Chief Planner for the City of Toronto); and,
  • Pamela Robinson, Director and Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University.

Our MC/Moderator for the evening is Hayley Kellett, Improv Incubator Director and co-owner of The Making Box.

The presentations and the moderated panel discussion will explore how we have been planning for growth and how Guelph could/should grow in the future. The emphasis will be on exploring the opportunities and challenges that growth presents for contributing to the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of the city.

More details will be provided in the coming weeks. We are excited to be presenting this event to our community and hope that all members of Council will be able to attend.

Please contact Ms Melissa Aldunate (Manager of Policy Planning and Urban Design if you have any questions about this event:

T 519-822 -1260 x 2361

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