The new City Hall (sometimes called the Civic Administration Building)

We want your opinion. The City is currently constructing the new City Hall (see recent photo at: ). Council wants you to have your input in how the courtyard looks and feels. What do you think? Do you want a skating rink, chess boards, outdoor art gallery or just a huge slab of concrete?  There will be a public meeting to discuss this as soon as possible. In the meantime please post some ideas here.

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  1. Let’s follow Kitchener and Chicago as leads. Kitchener has a true City Hall (Civic Centre) in that their public transit comes in at the building, the front is large enough to accomodate
    public gatherings (community building of all sorts), a fountain/skating rink, benches to sit on etc.

    How about a public art gallery on the inside walls of City Hall, near where the public passes regularly (ie: to pay taxes, get general information, planning information, council chambers etc.).

    Outside would be a great place for permanent public art (ie: of calibre at the MacDonald Stewart).
    As well, let’s provide enough bike racks, areas to sit, and a fountain convertible to skating rink for citizens to relax and gather. Let’ ensure that there continues to be enough space for other types of gathering by the public.

    In Chicago it is mandatory that all new development (yes, private commercial) budgets use a certain percentage (I think it is 10%) for public art. The art can be internal or external to the development but must be accessible to the public. For example a bank may choose to put a sculpture inside while a Federal building may have a sculpture or fountain outside in a courtyard with public benches.

  2. I can’t believe in Gueph of all places, we’re talking about installing a new fountain or reflecting pool, and in such a symbolic location. Those things evaporate more water in one day than I use on my garden the whole summer long. Also, we already have not just one but two fountains within a one block radius of that site, and one of them is regularly used as a bubble bath/ toilet. There are already some benches right next door. Let’s just enjoy the clean and uncluttered look first and figure out later if anything else needs to be purchased.

  3. I have used the Toronto rink and fountain and it is excellent to have in front of there. Guelph City Hall needs that, as well as replanting all those nice old trees that were cut down.

  4. Council could approach the UofG and/or theTurfgrass Institute to collaborate on installing a beautiful lawn — but not just any lawn: a healthy, non-toxic, herbicide- and pesticide-free, sustainable lawn made up of drought-resistant grass or other material. This resolves the concerns about adding more concrete in the downtown area. It would be of benefit to Guelph residents who want to learn about low water use gardening. It would benefit the Turfgrass Institute, who would have a chance to focus on non-golf course applications… and for the City, it sends a great message about practicing what they preach on pesticides and water use. It would also potentially allow for this site — and the whole streetscape — to be reviewed, if and when the new transportation hub is put into place in the next few years.

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