On the Buses

Transit lock out


A resident’s perspective.

The transit lock out is unacceptable. I will not be voting for any of you, should you run in the October elections. I don’t know how many councillors (if any) were involved in the negotiations with the union, but ultimately, councillors and the mayor are responsible for ensuring efficient public transit. You are responsible for this mess.

Too many people rely on transit in this city – and your list of suggested transport alternatives is laughable for many of these riders (those who cannot regularly afford taxis, or cannot rent cars/drive for any number of reasons). We regular riders of Guelph Transit have had to tolerate many transit upheavals in the last couple of years, including the route changes, the bizarre peak/non-peak time differentials, and chronically late buses (related to route changes). This latest upheaval is intolerable and needs to be rectified quickly.  BF

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