On the Buses

Transit lock out.

A resident’s perspective.

Please, please resolve this dispute. There is an election coming up and transit riding voters will remember what was done on this side of the dispute. By saying that the ball is in the court of the union is all well and good for the city but does absolutely nothing to help come to a resolution. Because you locked out the transit workers would it then be possible for me to invoice the transit department for all costs incurred arising from the dispute? I doubt it, but as of today the bill is already over one hundred dollars with lost wages and taxi fees.

While not classified as an essential service, transit service is definitely essential to our family, and I am curious as to how many of you rely on transit to get around? I am guessing none or this would not have happened.

I will do my best to inform the residents of this city about your (in) action on this matter, and campaign against voting for incumbents in October.

You may have cost my family employment due to this lock out I will try my best to cost you your jobs also. MT

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