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Wilson/MacDonell/Baker Parking Lots Rehabilitation

Staff memo.

As you are aware staff deferred the Wilson Street parking lot rehabilitation, scheduled for late August, until consultation took place with Marty Williams, Executive Director, of the Downtown Guelph Business Association (DGBA). Based upon collaboration with Mr. Williams we have established the following time frames for the rehabilitation work at both the Wilson Street and Macdonell Street parking lots.

Repairs at the Wilson Street parking lot will begin on Tuesday, October 15 and will take approximately two weeks to complete, weather permitting. The repairs at the Macdonell Street parking lot will start shortly after the Wilson parking lot repairs have been completed and will take approximately two weeks to complete and once again will be weather dependent.

In addition, we have agreed with DGBA that the Baker Street parking lot rehabilitation be deferred until July, August of 2014 due to the impact the closure would have at this time of the year on the downtown. July and August have the lowest occupancy and therefore offer the most ideal time to undertake the rehabilitation.   Staff

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