Sidewalk snow removal

A suggestion for future snow removal planning. The volume of snow we have received so far this year, and similarly last year, has meant that many people including myself are straining, and even injuring ourselves, digging out the end of our drives from the deposits of the snow ploughs. That is where Guelphites could really use the assistance, in dealing with 3 foot high mounds of frozen ice at the end of the driveways.

So I am asking that you consider my recommendation. Stop the snow removal of the sidewalks, except for public areas or seniors’ homes, and put those little sidewalk machines to good use, removing the coronary causing mounds of frozen snow and ice out of the mouths of the driveways that the plows leave behind. I myself live on a very busy street where struggling to remove snow, it is sometimes necessary for me to be out in the street shovelling. I can’t emphasize how dangerous this can be for folks living on busy routes.

Thanks for your consideration – I ask that you forward my suggestion to the applicable decision makers.    ML


I am pleased to inform you that your city council has acted in response to your complaint about snow windrows left at ends of driveways by the snow plow. In the 2009 budget, council approved a pilot project to introduce volunteers to clear driveway windrows for senior and disabled citizens through the Volunteer Centre of Guelph Wellington. The program is currently being set up and should be in place by mid February. Once it is set up, advertising will begin on the city website ( ) and in the local media on how citizens could apply for consideration of eligability.
You can call our Operations Administartion desk at 519-837-5628 and our staff would be happy to give you the centre contact information for you to puruse.   Staff