Winter storm January 7, 2009

Here is our Departmental winter control activity update

The storm is not quite over as yet. Another band of precipitation is due to arrive this afternoon, as is shown on the weather map attached below, (snapshot at noon…not pretty)…and precipitation may continue off and on the next couple of days…

The condition of the arterial, collector roads and bus routes are improving but still require our attention.
We have exceeded the 8cm accumulation depth to trigger a residential road plow-out. Staff is working hard to clean up the arterials, collectors and bus routes and will follow into residential roads as conditions improve and as the contractors progress with the residential plow out task. That task (residential plowout) was ordered to begin at noon today and may take 12 to 16 hours to complete. Mechanical sidewalk and manual step clearing operations are also underway. High pedestrian volume areas will be plowed first, followed by the residential sidewalks and bus stops.

I will update you later today on the winter control activities of the department if required or if anything changes.
As always……please drive and walk with care. Staff