A good WARD TWO cause to support!

Hi folks… a plea from a great Ward 2 initiative, I just donated.
Now it’s YOUR Turn!
Here’s a note from Lynne Kloostra from the Brant Neighbourhood Group, which does amazing work in that part of our ward. Please help if you can. James
As many of you know, the Brant Neighbourhood Group has a Food and Friends student nutrition program available to our school age children in the community. The morning meal program has been running here for the past 6 years. Many children arrive at school each day without any food to sustain them an entire school day. We know once healthy food is provided, a child’s world changes. They become more alert, able to concentrate, improve socially, physically and academically. This program is vital to our community. Our Food and Friends morning meal program is running our annual live free fundraiser.
Giving is very easy. Simply click on link below and choose the Brant Ave Neighbourhood Group from the drop down choices.
Brant Ave Neighbourhood Group
To donate online click here:
Katie, Nicki and Lynne will all give up something that has meaning to them on Feb 27th for the day to do our part to contribute to the live free campaign.
You can either make a donation here at the Friendship Place (35 Algonquin Road) or make a secure donation online. 
For this, we have created a bit of an incentive and that is for every donation you make (even $2 helps us reach our goal of $200) your name will be entered into a draw.  You can choose between a frozen turkey, $20 grocery gift card or a $25 Indigo gift card – you choose which draw you would like your name to go into) Every dollar we raise helps fund our program here at the Friendship Place.
Thank you for your support!
Thanks and have a great day!
Lynne Kloostra
Neighbourhood Support Worker
Brant Avenue Neighbourhood Group

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