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Forestry crews starting brush cleanup

Press release.

Beginning today, Forestry crews are starting the substantial task of brush cleanup.

The brush cleanup will involve the removal and chipping of branches dropped from City-owned trees as a result of the December 22, 2013 ice storm. Enough snow has melted on the ground to allow the start of this work.

Forestry operations are divided into nine zones across the city. Crews will make one visit per street to clear the boulevards of brush as they work through the zones sequentially. The hardest-hit areas will be given priority outside this sequence.

·Zone 1: bounded by London Road, Edinburgh Road, the Speed River, and the railway tracks just north of Waterloo Avenue.

·Zone 2: the area immediately north of Zone 1, bounded by London Road, Edinburgh Road, City limits in the north, and the Speed River.

·Zone 3: bounded by College Avenue, Hanlon Expressway, the Speed River, and the Cutten Club lands.

·Zone 4: bounded by Eramosa Road, Victoria Road, Elizabeth Street, and the Speed River.

·Zone 5: includes everything west of the Hanlon Expressway, north of the Speed River, and a slice between the river and the railway tracks upstream to the Macdonnell Street bridge.

·Zone 6: bounded by Eramosa Road, the Speed River, and Victoria Road

·Zone 7: includes everything east of Victoria Road.

·Zone 8: bounded by Victoria Road, Elizabeth Street, and the Speed and Eramosa Rivers.

·Zone 9: south of College Avenue.

The City expects work in the nine zones will be complete by mid-May, weather permitting, and asks for the community’s patience and cooperation during the cleanup.

All high-traffic park areas and main community trails were cleared of hazards and blockages in February and are open to the public. Forestry crews continue to advance into secondary trails, as access is established.

The City’s storm-related forestry activities remain prioritized as per the following phases:

1.Remove highest-risk hazards: branches hanging over hydro wires, near critical facilities, or blocking roadways or driveways.

2.Address blocked sidewalks.

3.Clear community trails and high-traffic park areas.

4.Remove marked trees, clear boulevards and parks, and prune City trees.

5.Grind up remaining tree stumps and plant replacement trees.

Phase 1, 2 and 3 of cleanup are complete, with some areas such as secondary trails and lower-traffic park areas still requiring some work. It is anticipated Phase 4 will be wrapped up by late 2014. The timing of Phase 5 will be based on Phase 4 completion and is estimated to occur in spring 2015 at the earliest.

Report tree hazards by using the “How can we help you?” section on guelph.ca or call 519-837-5628 and include your name, contact information and the street address where the tree is located.

Please continue to take branches and brush from privately-owned trees to the Waste Resource Innovation Centre
at 110 Dunlop Drive for free disposal.

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