Author: Councillor Goller

Guelph's Water and Nestle

A constituent’s response to Nestle’s application for a Permit to take Water (PTTW) from Guelph’s aquifer: Nestle’s PTTW application for renewal has raised many concerns with the citizens of Guelph and the surrounding area. One of the principles of the PTTW program is the control of water taking to prevent interference with other water users. Nestle […]

Hangin' out our laundry

Has the time come to introduce the clothes line to new developments? A constituent thinks so: According to the CBC, today is a day when Canadians can celebrate “hanging out the laundry”. When we realized the laundry referred to was clothes and not politics we were nonetheless interested in hearing opinions on hung laundry across this country.

Nestle's Water Taking Permit

A constituent’s observations: The City obtained an extension of the comment period for the Dolime quarry. Since priority is given to municipal uses of water, can’t the same thing happen here? While the water-taking may not be impacting on the current supply, I definitely feel this is an opportunity for a political response.

"Pesticides contribute to the health…of all Canadians"

Councillors in the City of Guelph have recently received correspondence from the Urban Pest Management Council of Canada (UPMCC). The UPMCC represents the manufacturers, formulators, distributors and allied associations of specialty pest management products.The UPMCC is involved in all aspects of industry-wide and public education, communication, stewardship, legislation and regulation appropriate to pest management in […]