Cardigan Street Stop Sign: Part IV

Staff have responded to the concern about changes to traffic control (stop sign removal) and parking on Cardigan Street.

“Please be advised that we have reviewed the matter of relocating the stop sign from Cardigan St to Norwich St and a decision has been made not to proceed further. The notification signage and temporary stop sign currently in place will be removed shortly.

With the reconstruction of Cardigan St the roadway is too narrow to support parking on both sides. In order to maximize the parking availability for the public, parking will now only be permitted on the east (Music School) side of Cardigan Street. While our initial proposal was to have a 2 hour limit from Monday to Saturday, following discussion with Mr. Paul White from the Music School, the 2 hour parking limit will only be in effect from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. This should ensure that any long term parking by downtown employees is curtailed during the week yet provide for unlimited public use on Saturday and Sunday. As you are aware we have also been in contact with Mr. Jeff Scarfone of Stewart Mill Developments previously as they requested and support this parking change. This on-street parking should further serve to assist in reducing the speed of vehicles

Staff are continuing to consider the options available to us for the control of traffic at the Cardigan and London Rd intersection.”

We thank staff for their prompt response to local resident’s concerns.
We also look forward to resident’s review and comment.

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