Author: IanFindley

Sidewalk snow removal

A suggestion for future snow removal planning. The volume of snow we have received so far this year, and similarly last year, has meant that many people including myself are straining, and even injuring ourselves, digging out the end of our drives from the deposits of the snow ploughs. That is where Guelphites could really […]

thank you

On Behalf of the students of Ottawa Cr. P.S., King George, J.F.Ross C.V.I. , St John’s and St. James- THANK YOU-THANK YOU -THANK YOU to all City Councillors (I don’t have all emails right now) for getting the adult crossing guard at Victoria-Eastview-she started January 5 and she had several close encounters when we were […]

Left Turn Arrow Operation

The following staff response was sent to a Ward 2 resident regarding left turn lanes and how they operate in Guelph: The goal of traffic signal timing in the City of Guelph is to maximize the efficiency and safety of each intersection. Our aim is that vehicles that arrive at an intersection when the signal […]

Article in Mercury

As you may know there is an article in the Mercury today (Saturday). I spoke with Nicole O’Reilly yesterday. She enquired about the Employer of Distinction Award and quoted accurately what I described. The rest of the comments attributed to me, while accurate, have not been reported in the context within which they were asked.

Two parking issues survive budget cuts

The following article appeared in the December 19 edition of the Guelph Tribune: Free two-hour parking on downtown streets and seasonal overnight parking on streets all over the city have survived the 2009 city budget hurdle. Monday’s votes by council to back these two measures also spelled the end of the parking budget as a […]