Author: IanFindley

City/County amalgamation

You may have read (or heard about) the article in the Guelph Mercury, suggesting that amalgamation talks had resurfaced between the City and County. There have been no discussions regarding amalgamation with the County. In fact there is no intent to raise this issue with the County. This is confirmed by our local growth strategy […]

Snow storm….December 19, 2008

Yes it’s me again……before you all start cursing….I DIDN’T ORDER THIS STUFF!! I would like to convey to you the serious nature of this storm event in that it will be coming in strong and furious…with quick accumulations, high winds and severe wind chill values…….….below is the weather statement for your information. Please be aware […]

Guelph’s Hydro Steering Committee gets underway

Guelph’s Hydro Steering Committee, which is comprised of Mayor Farbridge; Councillors Piper, Findlay, Bell, and Salisbury; Paul Truex, Board Chair of Guelph Hydro Inc.; and Jasmine Urisk of the Board, met for the first time yesterday. The Committee will spend the next few weeks developing an agenda and terms of reference to shape the scope […]

Budget Increases Since 2004

Here is the information about tax increases you requested 2004: 6.9% 2005: 5.1% 2006: 4.7% 2007: 4.3% 2008: 4.5% 2009: 3.74%* And here’s a link to where this can be found on the City’s website in case you want to direct people there.   Staff *does not include changes associated to Provincial OMPF funding or […]

Council approves 2009 budget

The city’s 2009 tax-supported operating and capital budget is approved at $151,997,470, a 3.74 per cent increase over 2008. In order to keep the 2009 budget increase below 3.75 per cent, City employees reviewed proposed new services, explored the use of reserve funds, and looked for opportunities to defer the costs of longer-term projects.

2009 City of Guelph budget: 3.74%

City Council approved the 2009 operating and capital budgets on Monday evening. In addition to all the existing services that you currently receive, these new services were approved: bicycle racks on buses arts and culture manager increased funding for Neighbourhood Support Coalition more traffic cops continued 2hr free street parking downtown seasonal overnight street parking […]

Proposed water rate increase

I seriously hope council does not approve the 19% increase being proposed. Is this the benefit we get from trying to conserve water – pay higher rates?? Are there no reserves to offset such a significant increase? MD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for your email. Council did approve a 15.5% increase to the water and waste […]