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Ward 2 Update for Jan 26, 2023

Good afternoon Neighbour, We hope this newsletter finds you well on this snowy day! Today we are sharing updates from yesterday’s 2023 budget confirmation process, and asking for your input on the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan Update. If you find these newsletters helpful, please share them with your neighbours, friends and family in Guelph. As your […]

Enterprise Framework includes new planning tool for city building

Press release. On June 18, members of Council will learn more about the City’s proposed Enterprise Framework approach , including a new planning tool to help prioritize and strategically implement major city building initiatives that will shape Guelph’s future growth. “Guelph has a unique history of city building. We need to continue being innovative in […]

taxes and levies

A resident’s perspective. Its pure irresponsible to ask ratepayers on how to raise taxes for future water mains and sewers costs ,and probable levies to pay for the urbacon fiasco of costs and legal fees. You must cut costs and stop free give aways to developers as the costs for services cant be given away […]

Guelph considering non-tax options to fund stormwater systems

Press release. The City is asking residents and property owners to help determine funding options to support Guelph’s stormwater management infrastructure as part of the Stormwater Funding Study. Like other Canadian municipalities, Guelph is working to address a substantial gap in infrastructure funding. Guelph needs to find innovative and sustainable ways to cover the cost […]


Originally sent to the Guelph Tribune: As happens every year at this time, the Guelph mayor, councillors, and administration play the game of floating a potential tax increase and then low balling it to appear they are diligently serving the citizens. The result is an increase that not only outstrips the CPI increase but is […]

Delegation Night – Information about Compensation /Financial Management thereof

Staff memo. During the budget meeting on November 28, 2013, community members and City Councillors discussed several aspects of the City’s budget including the important matter of managing Guelph’s compensation costs. Like any business, employee compensation does represent a significant portion of the City’s operating budget, and it is important for members of Council and […]