taxes and levies

A resident’s perspective.

Its pure irresponsible to ask ratepayers on how to raise taxes for future water mains and sewers costs ,and probable levies to pay for the urbacon fiasco of costs and legal fees.
You must cut costs and stop free give aways to developers as the costs for services cant be given away and must be paid and how,?by raising taxes while developers make a profit ,??.
You must cut some of your anticipated projects as those millions of dollars will be needed to save the city from bankruptcy.(look at Detroit and a few other cities that spent more than tax payers could afford to pay).
Its also time to get arbitration laws to change ,to make it mandatory for the arbitrators to consider the wages ,pensions and benefits of those which can be referred to as statutory employees that work for municipalities ,including police,firemen educational teacher ,and high wage administrators in government offices when compared to the average Joe and Mary citizens wages and pensions,and benefits.
You must cut spending and you new high cost projects must be put on hold or cancelled ,including the library , the police building, and the give aways to the developers.
We the taxpayers cant afford further taxes .     RG