Snow storm….December 19, 2008: Pt. 2

Here is the latest update of our activities related to this storm as promised.

The storm is expected to substantially end sometime between (3:20pm Derek’s estimate…it’s 3:20 now Derek!!…look outside!!), 4;00 and 5;00 pm this afternoon.
Realized accumulation rates have been as forecast at about an inch per hour….so we will end up with about 6 inches, (15cm) in total from this storm when it is all said and done.
Road crews continue to keep the arterial and collector routes moving and a residential street plowout is scheduled to begin at 6:00pm this evening. This residential street plowout is expected to take approx. 12 hours to complete. Roads crews will continue to cleanup following the passing of the storm and will follow into residentials with abrasives as required later tonight into tomorrow.

Sidewalk plowing activities began at 1;00pm this afternoon and will continue until 8;00pm tonight with the completion of our high priority routes. Sidewalk plowing will resume at 4;00am tomorrow morning into the residential streets and will run for 24 continuous hours. We anticipate the residential walks to be completed by 4;00am Sunday morning, barring any unforseen mechanical issues. The bus stop snow clearing will then be undertaken likely with snow blowers to displace the snow.

Parks staff will work until 4;00pm today on facilities and return at midnight tonight to work through the night to have all facilities cleared and ready for morning activities.

Hand work….city owned steps, crosswalks, pushbuttons around traffic signals etc….has been ongoing and will continue until 8:00pm tonight. This activity will resume at 4;00am tomorrow morning to completion sometime late Saturday.

Downtown; Hand and mechanical snow clearing continues throughout the downtown until 8:00pm tonight and will resume tomorrow morning. Downtown parking lots have been plowed out and arrangements have been made to remove the snow from the parkade rooftops this evening in anticipation of the Storm Hockey game occurring tomorrow.

As always, thank you for your support and patience in the delivery of this service.

At this time I would like to take this opportunity to extend to you and yours all the best of the Holiday Season, and wish you all good health and prosperity in 2009. Staff