City Hall – One Stop Shopping

For many years, it has been difficult to navigate’s one way through the corridors of Guelph’s City Hall. If you wanted to open a new business, you’d have to figure out who you needed to talk to, then try and find them. Then try and find the next person. Then the next.

Many attempts to make Guelph “Open for Business” were tried. Most were less than successful.

Now the Community Design and Development Services (Planning Department) have announced that they have created a “one – stop shopping approach to processing development applications.

Geographic teams will be set up depending on what area of the city the application is proposed for. Each team will have a point person who will help direct the applicant through the process.

These measures will help to streamline the system and allow one file to be created with one contact person for the proposal, thus eliminating costly bureaucratic red tape.

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One stop shopping

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