139 Morris St Revised Application

From 2 Rivers Neighbourhood Group.

We’ve just recently been made aware of the revised application and the public meeting tonight regarding the proposed 139 Morris St. Myself and most of the leadership team for the Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group cannot make it to the meeting tonight, but still wanted to have our voice heard. As an active group of individuals that dedicate a huge amount of time to improving our neighbourhood we are deeply concerned about the proposed changes to this site. The Two Rivers neighbourhood already suffers from a lack of commercial space, with a complete absence of many services, and with the revised application for 139 Morris St, the mixed commercial/residential buildings along York Rd. would have offered a serious advantage to our community over the now proposed switch to solely townhouses. There have been numerous reports on the impact of walkable communities especially for individuals struggling with poverty (of which we have a high representation in our neighbourhood), and having mixed commercial/residential is a very important piece in walkable communities. With the amount of traffic on York Rd, the surrounding residential areas, and the absence of other commercial space, businesses in these buildings would also be well supported.

Please let it be known that that the Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group does not support the proposed plan to eliminate the mixed commercial/residential units at the 139 Morris St. site.