150-152 Wellington Street East proposed zoning by-lw amendment

A resident’s comments.

I am very concerned with the accumulated density being planned for our area and the lack of consideration for the residents who already live here. Yes all of the traffic impacts state that the roads can handle the increase of traffic (they call this traffic capacity). This means the roads can handle the volume but doesn’t mention about how this volume increase will affect the residents who live on these small streets and what they will have to contend with. I am glad to see that the plan has addressed some of the concerns of the Surrey/Neeve
Street residents but am concerned by the lack of thought on how this increase traffic will affect the ward area such as Neeve street south, Ontario street and Toronto street. I am also concerned about the pedestrian safety at Wellington
and Neeve as it is already a very busy intersection.

The Downtown Secondary Plan Attachment 3 Mobility Plan seems to encourage traffic infiltration into the Ward via Neeve Street, once on Neeve where will this traffic go? This traffic will end up on local road ways such as Ontario and Toronto not collectors and arterials (which is what these roads are designed
for). THE ST. PATRICK’S WARD TRAFFIC STUDY approved by COUNCIL in 2003 warned of increase density and the associated traffic issues that would arise, with suggestions and recommendations of how to mitigate the increased density but
nothing is being planned proactively for the area residents. This is poor planning for the goals of encouraging pedestrian activity and retaining existing neighbourhoods and housing stock.

I would ask council to consider these ideas.

1 Have the median planned for the new Surrey Street interesection extend down to Wellington and Neeve as a means of providing a resting or safe area for
pedestrians crossing Wellington.

2 Increase the walk times at Neeve crossing over Wellington.

3 Widening of the sidewalk by providing a pinch point at the intersection on Neeve South (one lane on each side) similar to what the city has done at other intersections to help encourage only local traffic into the neighbourhood as well as encouraging safer pedestrian activity.

Providing these elements could help to achieve a more walkable, connective integration of the Ward with the rest of the downtown and perhaps alleviate some of the cut thru traffic for the Ward. This plus the future pedestrian bridge across the river will definitely enhance connectivity of the Ward and downtown.LP