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Transition Guelph Resilience 2014 – Sustainable Builders Group Workshops

Festival announcement. Would it be possible for you to share the announcement below about 4 upcoming Sustainable Builders Workshops for Transition Guelph’s Resilience Festival beginning this weekend? The talks are by members of the Wilson FH proposal team. Below is a list of the workshops & talks. You can see the full programme of events […]

Demolition scheduled for 24 Downey Road

As per Council approval, the City is working with a contractor to demolish the building located at 24 Downey Road. The contractor will begin on-site preparations on Monday, March 17, with the demolition taking place mid-week. The City-owned property is approximately 2.78 acres at the south east corner of the Hanlon Expressway and Downey Road, […]

Save Wilson Farmhouse

A resident’s opinion. In recent years, I have been aware of the Wilson Farmhouse and the discussions about whether or not to preserve it for the community. I am writing to support the recent proposal by the group, Save Wilson Farmhouse, headed by Ben Barclay. I believe that their proposal is one that can enhance […]

Wilson Farm House Suggestion

A resident’s suggestion. Suggestion for the Re-development of the Wilson Farmhouse This suggestion involves the city retaining ownership of the Wilson Farmhouse and investing city money into integrating the farmhouse into the existing park and making the farmhouse an attractive and functional addition to the park. The Farmhouse would be converted into a monument celebrating […]

Crawley Farmhouse

Staff memo. The building at 264 Crawley Road, built about 1870 for Edward Crawley Jr is privately owned. The stone farmhouse is listed (as non-designated) on the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties. According to the terms of a signed development agreement with the City, the owner will conserve the building in situ or move […]

Transition Guelph Sustainable Builder's forum

Event notice. Below are the details for our upcoming Transition Guelph Sustainable Builder’s forum on March 29th. Here’s a link to the event Resilient Buildings and Communities. We’re hoping to have a provocative discussion regarding the tension between preserving heritage building stock while also meeting the need for densification (through urban infill) and carbon reduction […]