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Licensing Effectiveness Review and Citizens advisory group

A resident’s perspective. Further to Tuesday and Thursday’s Licensing Option Info sessions, I would appreciate everyone take a moment to review of the attached document. I would also appreciate if this document can be filed with the community engagement responses for community review. I would like to thank everyone for their efforts. Tuesday I feel […]

Guelph begins community consultation process to discuss rental housing licensing

The City is considering the creation of a Rental Housing Licensing Program and is looking for input from landlords, tenants, property owners, neighbours and community members. “The City is providing a number of opportunities for community members to participate in conversations about rental housing”, explained Rob Reynen, manager of inspection services. “Community feedback will be […]

Jubilee Park consultation – a model for Wilson Farmhouse

A resident’s perspective. In reading coverage of the Wilson Farmhouse issue at the Community and Social Services Committee in the Guelph Tribune of September 19th, I came across an article on the inside front page based on the press release issued by the City on the Jubilee Park. The original press release is available at […]

Community members invited to comment on proposed City budget

The City is improving opportunities for community members to get involved as staff and Council present, discuss, deliberate and approve the City’s budget. On Tuesday, October 1, City staff will present Guelph’s Capital Investment Strategy: proposed 2014-2023 Capital Budget and Forecast. During the meeting, community members are invited to make presentations supporting specific investments in […]

Wilson Farmhouse – Further Comment and Proposed Amendments (CAO)

A staff memo. I propose that we’d all agree that looking back to 2000 and now forward to today, the Wilson Farmhouse project could have been handled differently. · The 2000 recommendation in the Official Plan was a laudable vision – one that stated that ( the farm house at 595 Victoria Road North will be incorporated into the […]

Public comment sought on proposed Outside Water Use By-law changes

The City of Guelph is inviting residents to submit final comments on proposed changes to the Outside Water Use By-law and Program. Review of the by-law was initiated in response to concerns from community members following implementation of Level 2 – Red restrictions during prolonged periods of local drought in the summer of 2012. Earlier […]

Guelph to invite community to discuss licensing rental housing

Later this year, the City will reach out to landlords, tenants, property owners, neighbours and community members to discuss options for a potential licensing program for rental housing in Guelph. The City is working to determine if, in addition to enhanced enforcement and community education, a licensing program could help address rental housing issues including […]