City launches engagement for potential disc golf course at Eastview Community Park

Residents to have their say online by March 14

Guelph, Ont., February 18, 2021 – Engagement is underway to understand the level of support and any concerns about locating a new nine or 18-hole disc golf course at Eastview Community Park.

The proposed course would be built within wooded and marshy areas of the park where its boundaries meet Speedvale Avenue East and Watson Parkway. The space is an ideal location for a disc golf course that offers lots of natural obstacles and varying terrain to challenge local disc golf enthusiasts.

The City is reaching out to the community to understand if there is interest in a disc golf course at this location, or if there are any concerns with the course design and its proximity to other existing or proposed amenities.

The course design has factored in nearby trails, sports fields, playgrounds, natural areas and trees and will not interfere with other uses of the park. Approximately 10 trees, that are already slated for removal under the ash and hazard tree removal program, need to be removed to construct the course.  Design would further include the planting of a diverse variety of native trees and shrubs, providing wildlife habitat, food sources and pollinators to the park.

“We will use this community feedback as part of our decision-making process to see if Eastview Community Park is appropriate for a disc golf course, and if there are alterations we can make to ensure the park remains a multi-functional community space for everyone,” says Ian Ferguson, program manager of Sports and Leisure Grounds with the City. “Community engagement will be used alongside professional expertise of staff and lessons learned from constructing the Riverside Park disc golf course.”

About disc golf

Disc golf is a rapidly-growing sport that combines ultimate frisbee and golf. Players move from hole-to-hole, trying to get their disc into the disc golf basket at each hole. The goal is to complete the course in as few throws as possible. The east side of Riverside Park along Riverview Drive is home to the City’s first ever nine-hole disc golf course. The only other local disc golf course is located at the University of Guelph Arboretum. The disc golf community has grown from 176 to 386 members from January 2020 to January 2021 according to the Guelph Disc Golf Club.


How to play disc golf

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