Congratulations Ian on being re-elected in ward 2. I look forward to working along with you and providing strong representation and service to our ward 2 citizens. AH

Hey Councillor Ian Findlay for four more years, CONGRATULATIONS, I am so glad you got in. You’re much better at being a politician then I am. You’re much better equipped to deal with that situation then I am.

I know you’ll continue to do an excellent job and I’d like to thank you for being a wonderful Ward 2 mate for the last four yrs. You’ll be hearing from me on another level. Please make sure that Brant gets some bus service, they really need it up there. VB

Congratulations on your election. Well deserved. RF

Thanks for making the difficult decision to run again. One of the last time we spoke I know you were really not sure. I know there must be many challenges, and that it is quite a sacrifice on many levels. It is so important to have people such as yourself who represent a vision which includes a professionally managed city, managed growth and a vibrant downtown. And you have the leadership and business skills to set the professional tone. Even with the challenging fiscal situation across the province, voters in Guelph generally sent a message that we have been pleased with the improvements in the way the city is managed…. And congrats ! RJ

Congratulations on being elected for a second term! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve appreciated your commitment and positive efforts on behalf of Ward 2 and the city. KS

I see that you triumphed again this week. Congrats.
Andy van Hellemond? Might want to keep him off the budget committee…. JG

Congrats Ian. CB

Congratulations on your win, Ian. We are delighted that you are back to represent us for another term! JW

Just a quick congrats on the election! Now I can harass you about Ward 2 issues that I have (just kidding).
Hope you’re taking a couple of days to relax and enjoy the victory.  JJ

Congrats on the Election! PI

Congratulations on getting re-elected (hopefully I’m reading these results right). Hopefully that NHL referee isn’t too difficult to work with. MS

Congratulations – all your hard work paid off. I think it’s a workable council. ST


Congratulations, Ian!! Great news!! JA & MM

Glad to see Findlay! MG

So you passed the interview process and got your contract renewed! Congratulations Coun. Findlay. Happy for you. RD

I voted for you,but not all the council. God bless for another four years! HH

Just thought I would wish you good luck. You are not in my ward, regardless, all the best. JM

For that you got my vote – but we still don’t need a new main library – its nice to have but not essential – whats more the taxpayers can’t afford it – and finally we can find all the info we need from ebooks and/or the internet – IMO DC

Congratulations on your re-election! CB

A big Congratulations on your re-election. I am very pleased that you are back on council. Way to go. CM

congratulations on your re-election … remember at committee appointment time that we want you back at TEC!!! BP

Congrats my friend! I’m so happy that you were re-elected. Enjoy some well deserved rest! DW

Congrats on your victory. Looked like it might have been a real nail biter for you…DM

Congrats on your re-election to council. I look forward to continuing to work with you at the library board and in other ways as the opportunities arise. BW

congratulation on your re-election BH

Congratulations Ian!!! JS

I’m delighted that you are returning as councilor for the next 4 years…JM

My husband and I would like to congratulate you on your successful campaign to again represent this ward. Although we have hollered at and maybe have even cursed at Andy during his referering career we honestly think that the two of you will be able to work well together and wish only the best for the two of you. We are disappointed in the electorate’s choice for mayor, however, we must bow to the decision of the majority. BP

Please accept my congratulations to Karen and all returning councilors..
My sincere regrets to Vicki and Mike. The voters are fickle and the competition was very strong.
I wish success to everyone. KF

And thanks for taking the time and interest in taking this position.
I understand the sacrifice that public office demands. BE

Just a quick note to say congrats on your re-election! All the best CC

I wish you the best on your next term! AB

Congratulations on you win! Hope to see you at the Board meeting tomorrow. CR

I was very pleased to see you being re-elected. Congratulations. Now we can hope that you retain your appointment to the Elliott Board.
Hope to see you to-morrow night at the Board Meeting. CR

Well done! Good to have you all back. AD

A good result for your ward – congratulations! PQ

Better get your helmet on. HM