Guaranteed Livable Income

This Tuesday, October 24th at our City Council meeting I brought forward a motion about Guaranteed Livable Income that was approved by council. Here’s the wording of the motion:

That City Council directs the Mayor to write a letter to the Prime Minister of Canada, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, MP Longfield, the Premier of Ontario, and MPP Schreiner, calling on these orders of government to work collaboratively towards implementing a National Guaranteed Livable Basic Income to eradicate poverty and homelessness, and ensure everyone in Canada has sufficient income to meet their basic needs.

Here’s the rationale that I gave at council for my motion along with references.

“We have heard from our community partners that homelessness in Guelph has increased in the past few years. We have heard that we do not have sufficient housing. The COVID-19 pandemic put strain on our healthcare system and we know that we are facing a mental health crisis.

Inflation has been increasing for several years putting pressure on people who are already struggling and we know that this means that more people are at risk of falling into poverty.

In 2020 according to Stats Canada, poverty increased in Canada from 6.4% to 7.4%. We can anticipate that number continuing to rise.

Municipalities across Canada are bringing forward the concept of Guaranteed Livable Income. And it’s currently being considered in the Senate. (Bill S-233)

What is Guaranteed Livable Income?

If you’re under a certain income, you are entitled to resources. This would bring more to the table for people who struggle with our current social assistance programs.

When you provide money to people living in poverty – they spend it in their communities. They pay rent, buy food, clothe themselves, provide for their children.

Senator Kim Pate used the phrase: “Get housed, get fed, and get out of poverty”

We’ve received correspondence from members of our community who have been advocating for guaranteed livable income for decades. What I’m proposing is not new, but my hope is to be another strong voice of advocacy to our provincial and federal governments. My hope is that our senate will approve the bill to build a framework for Guaranteed Livable Income.”


Senate: Guaranteed Livable Income

About Guaranteed Livable Income,efforts%20to%20gather%20data%20independently.

From Dominica McPherson Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination

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