Guelph Heritage District

A resident’s comments.

I am writing to express my support for the creation of Guelph Heritage Districts
since I am unable to attend the meeting on June 9.

Guelph, as opposed to many other Canadian cities, has a cultural and
architectural heritage preserved by chance and intention in many areas near
downtown, and in our area, the former Brooklyn. This heritage should be
preserved through a well negotiated mixture of encouragement and limitation.
Buildings in our particular neighbourhood these days are largely of a
residential nature, but attest to craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, local
building materials, neighbourly interactions and lifestyles of the past. There
are many examples of finely retro-fitted building in this neighbourhood, and the
neighbourhood is replete with pedestrian traffic, interactions among neighbours
in the form of street parties, communal meals, house musical gatherings,
assistance with snow removal and many others, which are facilitated by the
nature of a mature neighbourhood. Setting a priority to maintaining such a
neighbourhood, which is flexible in accommodating a variety of lifestyles, ages
and occupations, is an important component of generating stable and vibrant

Please consider my voice among those in support of Guelph Heritage Districts.   DB