Help us shape how we travel around Guelph

Provide feedback as part of Guelph’s Transportation Master Plan by December 4

Guelph, Ont., November 12, 2020 – We’re sharing our progress and looking for your feedback on values, goals and possible options for Guelph’s Transportation Master Plan. Whether you walk, ride a bike, take a bus, drive a car or use some other form of travel, we want to hear from you by December 4.

We developed the vision, values and goals and identified challenges and opportunities for transportation in Guelph based on over 4,000 responses gathered during community engagement activities in 2019.

Four ways we can address the transportation challenges facing our city include:

  1. Do nothing: make no changes to the existing transportation network
  2. Focus on sustainability: encourage walking, cycling and travel by bus by creating walkable streets, developing a core network of cycling links and reducing bus travel times in critical transit corridor
  3. Build for sustainability and resiliency: in addition to the sustainability focus, develop a core network of four-lane streets running north-south and east-west across Guelph to improve conditions for walking, cycling or transit
  4. Large-scale infrastructure expansion: build for sustainability and resiliency while allowing congested streets to be widened to accommodate car capacity for existing and forecasted future car volumes

Take a moment to check out our virtual open house story map and read background papers, then complete the survey to help Guelph move better in every way.

Addressing transportation challenges

We’ve created background papers to provide more detailed information about the key challenges affecting Guelph’s transportation system:

  • New mobility: how we use new transportation technologies and the new and different ways we move around
  • Changing travel habits: how we need to travel in the future to meet our goals
  • Road safety: how we protect all road users
  • Network planning: how we make decisions when planning transportation and connections
  • Resilience: how we can build an adaptable transportation system
  • Transportation and land use: how we travel between different areas such as where we live, work, play and shop (available November 20)

Next steps

We’ll start the next phase of community engagement in 2021, to gather feedback on the plan we build from our research and the input you share now.

Have your say on speed limits in Guelph

Interested in transportation and road safety in Guelph? We’re collecting feedback on speed limits too. This community engagement opportunity includes quiz questions to raise your awareness about the impacts of driving speed on road safety and survey questions about ways you think the City could make our streets safer for all road users.

Take the online quiz and survey by November 30 to:

  • Learn how driving speeds factor into road safety
  • Share ways you think we can make our streets safer for all travellers
  • Share your thoughts on speed limits on residential city streets
  • Provide feedback on other ways we can encourage drivers to slow down


Guelph’s Transportation Master Plan

For more information

Terry Gayman, General Manager/City Engineer
Engineering and Transportation Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2369
[email protected]

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    Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation would like Municipal Candidates to express their views on topics related to Active Transportation. To help with this, we request that the candidates respond to these three questions. The answers will be posted as they come in, and will be highlighted once a week in our e-mail, twitter and facebook pages. Scroll down to your ward to get your candidates answers.

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