Royal City Park, commercial plaza site getting 31 new trees

Press release.

This fall, 12 new trees will be planted in Royal City Park and another 19 on the site of the new 37,700-square-foot commercial plaza currently under construction at 40 Wellington Street West.
Twenty five new trees will also be planted on City-owned lands as part of a compensation package the City will receive from the plaza developer following the removal of 20 unhealthy park trees.
Karen Sabzali, manager of Parks and Open Space, says City staff worked closely with a certified arborist and Belmont Equity Partners, developer and co-owner of the site, to conduct a root investigation of park trees in close proximity to the construction site.
The arborist report recommends the removal of two Silver and 13 Norway maples that are over 10 centimetres in diameter at breast height. Reasons cited include broken branches, multi stemmed, severely fence ingrown, leaning into development site, open wounds, and stem or basal decay.
Five Norway Maples less than 10 centimetres in diameter at breast height, in poor condition and that conflict with a trail connection have also been recommended for removal. In their place, the developer will plant a new shrub bed to soften sightlines between the plaza and park.
“Removal of unhealthy trees is an important part of park maintenance and it protects public safety. It is also important the new trees are planted in areas that will ensure proper growth and longevity. This is another part of the City’s commitment to implementing best practices for tree protection, establishment, and maintenance,” Sabzali says.