South End Recenter

A resident’s suggestion:

I recently read that you guys are looking to build a recentre in the south end.

I have some suggestions.

1. Let’s build an outdoor skating trial. I know there is a little outdoor skating rink in front of city hall, and it is amazing. Build let’s continue to grow healthy outdoor activities that the whole family can do.
The city of Brampton, has a beautiful outdoor skating trail, called Gage Park. It is free and everyday it is covered with families. It would be nice to have one in the south end, or anywhere in Guelph I.E. Riverside park or Exhibition Park

2. It would also be nice to have an up to date outdoor swimming pool. Lyon’s pool is alright, but the water is usually cool, it is small and seem’s over priced. (Family of cost 12.48. Times that by 2 times a week, it will cost you 99.84 a month).
maybe we can update that pool. Build it into an “L” shape pool. At the new end of the pool, have a spring board and maybe a diving platform.
Above the change rooms, put solar panels up there to heat up the pool.
And maybe lower the price of admission, so people will go there more. Maybe 1$ per person. It is actually cheaper to get a season’s pass to Bingemans amd just go swimming there.

I made a photo of what the pool could look like. I am not good with computers, but just an idea.

I think we all agree that Guelph is a great place to live and think that you and others before you have done a great job with planning. I hope you will consider my idea’s.  JB

Lyons Pool