The Downtown Guelph Business Association announces multiple community contributions to mark GuelphGives

DGBA press release.

The Downtown Guelph Business Association (DGBA) is delighted to partner with GuelphGives on GivingTuesday and help reach the goal of $1 million raised by one city alone.

In 2014, volunteers at two DGBA events, Art on the Street and the Guelph Community Santa Parade, contributed over 200 volunteer hours.

The DGBA also donated $50,000 in sponsorship monies in 2014 to various events in the downtown core including the Fab 5 festivals.

In addition to the DGBA making contributions, downtown merchants donated $10,000 in gift certificates and merchandise to charity events and to individual winners of DGBA promotions such as the Spring Basket, Downtown Gives Back and Welcome Wagon

An antidote to Black Friday happening on Tuesday December 2nd, GuelphGives is part of a larger initiative run nationwide called GivingTuesday.

Organizations are urged to report their annual contribution to the community via the GuelphGives website with the aim of reaching $1 million and crowning Guelph ‘Canada’s Most Generous City’.

For more information, and to report your contributions to the community in 2014, please visit