Third virtual open house invites residents to shape how we manage wastewater in Guelph

Guelph, Ont., March 15, 2022 – The City is updating its Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Management Master Plan and invites Guelph residents to have their say through a third virtual open house and online survey starting today, March 15 until March 31.

The Master Plan is a long-term strategy of projects required for the City to continually maintain effective management of wastewater (anything you flush down your sinks, drains and toilets) in a sustainable way that protects our waterways and the environment. The Plan will define projects and implementation timing to provide capacity to manage wastewater from Guelph’s growing population from now until 2051.

Class Environmental Assessment Schedule Change

The Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Management Master Plan was originally initiated to satisfy the requirements of a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment (EA). To complete the Class EA planning process for recommended projects needed in the short term, the Class EA scope has been expanded to fulfil the requirements of a Schedule C study. Following completion of a Schedule C Class EA study, projects are eligible for implementation through detailed design and construction.

For the Schedule C Class EA, Phases 1-4 of the Class EA process are being completed. This includes development of an implementation plan, a third community open house and documentation of the study in an Environmental Study Report (ESR).

Have your say

At the second virtual open house, the City presented the preliminary preferred solution for the Guelph Water Resource Recovery Centre (formerly the Guelph Wastewater Treatment Plant).

After hearing from Guelph residents and through careful assessment, the City has confirmed the preferred solution and has developed a preliminary implementation plan for recommended projects.  The project team is seeking input from the public and community groups on the Class EA recommendations and implementation plan. Here’s how you can get involved and help shape the Master Plan Class EA:

  • Visit the virtual open house: attend the virtual open house to learn what the Master Plan aims to do, what challenges the City is facing and how it impacts you and the rest of our community.
  • Take the online survey: answer survey questions by March 31 to share your feedback and ideas.

Next steps

Following this open house, the project team will consider input received in finalizing the recommendations and will document the Class EA study in the Environmental Study Report (ESR). The ESR will be made available for a 30-day public review period. After this period, the City will have completed planning requirements and can proceed with implementing recommended projects through design and construction phases.

About the City’s different master plans

The City’s master plans assess the infrastructure we have to support today’s services and decide what we’ll need as our community grows. The master plans build on the goals and policies from the Official Plan to integrate existing and future land use plans, and define long-term objectives. Looking at the city as a whole helps to evaluate options, consider a variety of perspectives, understand different outcomes, and make better decisions for a future ready Guelph.

The City is currently updating four water related master plans:

  • Stormwater management: how the City manages stormwater run off (rain and melted snow) from your roofs and driveways, and from roads and sidewalks, to help prevent flooding and protect people and the environment.

For more information

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