TiBG funds tonights CAFE 2014-12

A resident’s perspective.

In many of our opinions, it is inappropriate to move any funds from the Brownfield Allocation Fund as an incentive for the building of a parking garage for the 2nd Tricar condo building on the old Marsh Tire site (150-152 Wellington St.)

This is inappropriate for many reasons such as and not limited to: 1) Those funds are important for re-development of other sites such as IMICO, corner of London and Woolwich, and the old Crompton site etc. 2) How can Brownfield funds be justified for use to build a parking garage which is the sealing of the building surface to put a non-residential structure replacing a previous car lot and garage . In essence, if those cars leak oil etc, they would be contaminating the site. 3) Tax payers should not be giving more “incentives” to a development group that is more than happy and is already in the process of building on the site?

Thanks for voting to protect the use of those funds for the appropriate uses for which they were ear msrked.BM