Ward 2 end of summer update

While Council was adjourned for the month of August, much was still happening in Ward 2.

At the end of July, Councillor Van Hellemond and myself were invited to a town hall meeting regarding the future of the Wilson/Ingram Farmhouse. Approximately 100 people attended this discussion hosted by a neighbour to the park who has taken a great interest in it’s future development (Thanks Mike).

A number of ideas were presented and discussed amongst the participants. The idea that seemed to suit the neighbourhood best is to have the Farmhouse demolished and a replicate built and paid for by the developer, located on a lot within the subdivision.

City staff will be surveying the neighbourhood this month with a full report and recommendation to go to Council next month.

On Monday August 29 approximately 25 adults and 25 kids attended a town hall (number 5 if you’re counting) ┬ámeeting in Wolfond Park East. The meeting was to discuss playground structure replacement. The existing structures have exceeded their expected lifespan and no longer meets CSA requirements.

One supplier responded to the request by staff with a proposal. However the neighbourhood felt that this proposal did not fit with their expectations.

Further discussion with senior staff and the neighbourhood will continues.

And finally in late August, the Ward 2 Blog reached the 300,000+ visit threshold. 2500 postings have been made with over 2900 comments provided.

Thanks to all those who regularly visit the Deuce, looking for what’s happening in Ward 2 and across the City of Guelph.