Ward 2 Town Hall – May 25, 2019

You’re invited to join us on Saturday May 25th, 1:30pm at Waverley Drive Public School to discuss the City’s actions to address climate change.

We have two guests: Antti Vilkko, General Manager of Facilities Management at the City of Guelph, and Evan Ferrari, Executive Director of eMerge Guelph.

We will review the municipal direction to use 100% renewable energy and the community goal to achieve Net Zero carbon. Antti will outline what your municipality is doing to achieve those goals, and Even will speak about the resources available through eMerge Guelph, for residents to help us achieve these goals.

We will focus on what the City and community are already doing and what else could be done to help us achieve those goals.


1 – Welcome, Introductions
2 – Municipal Energy Projects
3 – Community Energy Projects
4 – Discussion – What else can the municipality and individual community members do to contribute to these goals?

You can find out more about the community side of things here: https://www.ourenergyguelph.ca/

You can find out more about he municipal side of things here: https://guelph.ca/wp-content/uploads/cow_agenda_050619.pdf…

If you aren’t able to make it, you can send me your thoughts to [email protected]

Rodrigo Goller
City Councillor, Ward 2
City of Guelph
[email protected]