Ward 2 Virtual Town Hall

Tuesday July 5 at 7pm

To Discuss the High Density Zoning Designation for 41-45 George Street

Thank you neighbours for joining a community conversation with Councillors Leanne Caron, James Gordon & Rodrigo Goller, to discuss the City’s Official Plan’s High Density Residential Zoning designation for the property located at 41-45 George Street, Guelph.

Video recording of the July 5th Ward 2 Virtual Town Hall

See below for a copy of the written ‘Chat’ that was held during the video, as well as a copy of the automated transcript of this video:

This conversation was held in advance of the City Council meeting on July 11, where Council will be presented with an Official Plan Amendment for approval. Click here to read the report that explains why “Staff continue to recommend the existing (high density) land use designation of this property.” (See pages 5 and 6 of that report).

You can find more information about the City’s Official Plan Review here (https://guelph.ca/plans-and-strategies/official-plan/official-plan-review-2020-2022/). You can also click here to access the draft Official Plan document. On Page 133 of this document, you will see that this property is designated as High Density Residential.

Background: Earlier this year, several Guelph residents in the vicinity of this property expressed their concerns about the future high density designation for what is currently an industrial property located between the Speed river and a low density residential neighbourhood. Since then, council members have asked the City’s planning team to consider updating the zoning designation of this property, so it better fits with the protected river corridor and the surrounding low density residential neighbourhood. After reviewing this zoning designation for this property, the City’s planning team will not be supporting a change in zoning for this property.

Click here to access the agenda for the July 11 Meeting on Shaping Guelph, Official Plan Amendment 80

Below is the section of the staff report that addresses the Armtec property:

Land Use Designation of Armtec Inc property at 41 George Street

Questions were asked about the existing land use designation of the Armtec Inc property at the Public Meeting for OPA 80 and comments were provided that it should be reviewed and down-designated with suggestions that the property be placed in a general residential, natural heritage system or open space and parks designation. Some comments appear to be reactive to real estate listing images which do not represent approved concepts for the site.

The Armtec property was reviewed and considered through the 2006 Growth Plan conformity work and identified at that time through the City’s approved growth management strategy and residential intensification analysis as a prime candidate or intensification. High density residential was recommended as the appropriate land use designation with medium density residential being placed on adjacent sites. Council approved this designation, along with designation changes for all other properties identified in the Council approved growth management strategy, through OPA 48 which was adopted by Council in 2012, approved by the Minister in 2013 and approved by the Ontario Municipal Board in 2017.

Staff continue to recommend the existing land use designation of this property. The high density residential designation is appropriate; this site is a brownfield and the designation will help to realize remediation and redevelopment; future redevelopment is subject to zoning regulations for setbacks and step backs; the rail line and river constrain development; and the City’s urban design policies, guidelines and manuals apply to this site to ensure that redevelopment is appropriate and compatible. Site specific property requests are outside the scope of the Official Plan Review. These are appropriately dealt with through individual applications. The scope of this review was set by Council and land use designations are only being considered for change to implement the directions of the growth management strategy.

Decision Report: Shaping Guelph Official Plan Amendment 80, MONDAY, JULY 11, 2022

This community conversation was held on Tuesday July 5 at 7pm, for community members and Councillors to consider the planning team’s position and explore next steps. As a result of this conversation, Cllrs Caron, Gordon and Goller will bring forward a motion to change the zoning designation for this site to ‘Medium Density’, at the Monday July 11th Special Council meeting. Click here for that meeting agenda. To sign up as a delegate or to submit comments please email [email protected] before 10am on Friday July 8th.