Carter Drive Extension: Not now

A constituent wrote in to ask whether Carter Drive in Ward 2 (see map) will be extended: 

Hi! I am about to really give you a test as our new councillor (and I am really glad that you won, congratulations!). We live on Carter Drive, which is a dead end street. I have heard from another neighbour, about plans for the city to make this street a through street (or road, as the case may be) which will go out to either Speedvale, or Watson. Also, there is talk of a new housing development going in, the area is currently mostly swampy land, which we have been informed is protected, due to the fact it is close proximity to the dump, and likely acts as a sponge for all the yuck that is lurking beneath it. We have noticed a big sign going up on Eastview, just the base of it for now, and I sincerely hope this is not going to be another South end in our area. We use the forested area all the time mostly during the winter, to go skiing and walk our dog. Plus, our street is busy enough now with traffic cutting through from Eastview, I really do not want to be living on a through road with cars whizzing past. I am already not a fan of this city, I have lived here for just over 10 years, and I have never really warmed up to it. I am a small town girl! Can you shed some light on what is going on in our neighbourhood? If this is the case (new road, lots of houses, built on a swamp, no less!) I am sure that there will be lots of protests, as no one on our street will support it.       EH


There are no plans by the City to extend Carter Drive as a through street to Speedvale Avenue of Watson Parkway North. City staff have, however, been dealing with preliminary development applications for the lands on the north side of Eastview Road between the existing development (i.e. lots on Carter Drive and Hastings Boulevard) and the former landfill.

We have received an application for a zoning amendment affecting lands known as 66 to 82 Eastview Road (the lands opposite the existing townhouses at Auden Road) to allow development of the southerly portion of the property for townhouses. This application is not yet complete but it does contain a concept plan showing the proposed development of the property. This application, when complete, will be circulated to the neighbourhood property owners within 120 metres of the property for comment and I would encourage you to get involved. The concept plan with this application shows only the southerly part of the property proposed to be developed as the northerly part of the property contains a portion of a Provincially Significant Wetland. Because of the Natural heritage features on the site (e.g. wetland) this application will also have to be reviewed by the City’s Environmental Planner and Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC). I would also emphasize that the concept does not show the extension of Carter Drive.            Staff