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Ward 2 councillor Beard apologizes for radio comments during TV debate

The following article appeared in the October 8 edition of the Guelph Mercury: Incumbent Ward 2 Coun. Vicki Beard took advantage of a live televised debate Thursday evening to apologize for comments she made that morning on a national radio program. Beard said she “misrepresented” facts during a live conversation about the licensing of body […]

Confused stand on massage parlours

The following editorial appeared in the October 9 edition of the Guelph Mercury; Guelph Coun. Vicki Beard showed some political courage Thursday in allowing publicly that she didn’t do the municipality any favours reputationally when she went on a national CBC Radio program earlier in the day to speak about the city’s handling of local […]

Statement from Vicki Beard

I’d like to take the opportunity to clarify some important facts I misrepresented during my interview this morning on CBC’s The Current about the issue of licensing and body rub parlours in the City of Guelph. First and foremost: the City of Guelph does not licence body rub parlours. There is no category for body […]

Body rub by-law and holistic practices

Last night I attended the city hall meeting which was supposed to include discussion of the licensing of Holistic and complementary practices in the city of Guelph( referred to by the city as Alternative). As I sat there I was surprised and upset to discover that this was not the real issue at all. The […]

New licensing for health practitioners

My concerns about the licensing requirements for alternative health and massage practitioners are as follows: * It is grossly unfair to legitimate massage practitioners to place them in the same category as body rub parlours. The city would be penalising them for doing business in Guelph.   * Body rub parlours provide erotic services –

Body-rub bylaw needs massaging

The following article appeared in the September 28 edition of the Guelph Mercury: City staff are still at work on a bylaw that will offer stringent regulations for body rub parlours, although it may take until the end of the year before council sees a draft. But at least one councillor says the delay will […]

Body Rub By-law

I am deeply concerned that the city has decided to create a bylaw to discourage body rub parlours which is to include legitimate alternative healthcare practitioners in its regulations. I understand that there is difficulty dealing with bawdy houses masquerading as alternative health clinics, but to pass this problem onto alternative healthcare practitioners is unfair […]