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Property Standards in the City of Guelph

Councillors regularly recieve¬†letters from residents concerned about the condition of neighbouring properties. These include the accumulation of garbage, abandoned machinery, unsafe conditions and unkempt lawns. What can you do about this? You can contact your City Councillor who will forward your concern to the City of Guelph Property Standards Inspector for review. The inspector will […]

Kathleen Farrelly to sit as Ward 1 Councillor

Further to Council’s direction April 2, 2007, the City Clerk has contacted Kathleen Farrelly, and can advise that Ms. Farrelly has consented to the appointment by Council to the vacant Ward¬†1 Councillor position. A brief special meeting of Council immediately prior to the regular meeting on April 16th will take place, at which time Council […]

For Whose Eyes Only? We say yours.

The City of Guelph Incentives Study was the final report by urbanMetrics, a Toronto based market, economic and strategic planning consulting firm. It was prepared for the Guelph Economic Development Department in December 2005 and has not been released to the public. Executive Summary highlights include a blueprint for the City to increase tax revenue […]

When does my sidewalk get plowed?

This is a commonly asked question. After every snowfall, the City receives many calls about snow clearance. Some people ask why we are spending so much money on sidewalk plowing and others complain that it is not being done fast enough. Clarification has been provided by staff as to the City of Guelph’s policy on […]