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A change of scenery

The following editorial appeared in the January 8 edition of the Guelph Tribune: The community park proposed for the former Eastview landfill site seems to be a wonderful project, one to rival other local parks in recreational opportunities. And if council says OK and funding can be found, part of the 200-acre site will end […]

City staff respond to weed complaints

The following summarizes a verbal presentation made to the Emergency Services, Community Services & Operations Committee meeting of June 14th with regard to park maintenance: Standards The City has three basic turf cutting cycles: 5 working days for sports fields, 10 working days for passive parklands and 15 working days for boulevards. In addition to […]

Weed debate spawns city review

The following article appeared in the June 15 edition of the Guelph Mercury: City takes a look at how it maintains parks and sports fields without pesticides The prime dandelion season is drawing to a close, but city officials say Guelph’s battle with weeds will only get tougher unless the city adopts a new strategy. […]

Park mowing

I see from last night’s (June 5) meeting that the parks’ mowing schedule will be investigated.It is obvious that more frequent mowing is required during the cool spring weather. And as was said in the paper by Councillor Laidlaw, it may require more money to do so. May I make a suggestion? One way to decrease […]

Councillor Findlay’s yard

We find it ironic that Ward 2 Councillor Ian Findlay has decided to speak so publicly about dandelion control and the lack of lawn mowing by our city workers in city parks when in fact, it appears that he has not ever cut his own front yard! It is laughable that he he has “some […]

Pressure builds on city to deal with dandelions

The following article appeared in the June 5, 2007 edition of the Guelph Mercury: The higher the grass gets, and the more dandelions that go to seed in Guelph parks, the more pressure Ian Haras is under. “It’s been one of the three worst weeks of my life,” said Haras, Guelph’s supervisor of park activity […]

Weeds in Guelph a growing concern

I read with interest the article in the Guelph Mercury last evening (May 30)regarding the dissatifaction and complaints regarding the Parks in the City. I can tell you that I was disappointed with Riverside Park on Monday when my daughter and little grandsons went there for a picnic . Not only was the grass ankle […]