Ingram Park on Simmons Drive

Guelph City Councillors receive a number of letters, phone calls and emails each day asking a variety of questions. Many of these inquiries may be of interest to other residents of Ward 2 and our city.

I was wondering what was going to happen with the park on Simmons Drive in the North end of Guelph? As a resident with two small children in this neighborhood, I would really like to see a play structure placed on the property as there is no play structures close by for residents in this new neighborhood.                        FT

This park, in the Northern Heights subdivision, has now had “Basic Park design” completed by the developer – this mainly involves grading, topsoil and sod. It is now in the draft stages of planning for the full build out of the park by park planning staff. It also contains the Ingram farmhouse, which the City retained for possible use as community space. The house work is currently under study by Community Development staff, and the outcome of this study will be considered in the park design. The roads around the park are also required to be built prior to full park development. These will be done during the next phase of the subdivision – currently expected late in 2007. The park elements will be determined by staff recommendations to meet community needs, as well as a public consultation process which we hope to conduct this year. So I cannot give you full contents of the plan, as it is not complete. However I can say that it will contain some play equipment per our park development standards as this is always an high demand item for the neighbourhood. Also, I can tell you that the park is zoned to allow for community wide use, such as booked sportsfields and parking.     

City of Guelph Park Planning Staff