Parking Concerns – Muskoka Drive

Please be advised that concerns have been received regarding vehicles parking on both sides of Muskoka Drive. As a result City staff completed a review of the on-street parking on Muskoka Drive.

Staff’s review of the area resulted in varied findings. On occasion, the on-street parking occupancy was found to be relatively high, but overall staff found that the occupancy of the on-street parking on Muskoka Drive was low. Given these findings and as the on-street parking may have a calming affect on the speed of traffic; staff will not be proceeding to remove parking at this time.

If a resident of Muskoka Drive would like to pursue this matter, they may contact me by email at [email protected] or by phone at extension 2520 for further information. Please note that for staff to proceed further, 75% of the households on Muskoka Drive will need to sign a petition requesting the removal of the on-street parking.