Team Council on tour

The Mayor, City Council and City Staff have been very busy preparing the Strategic Plan for Guelph. This will be the blueprint for how Guelph grows for the next 20 years. Council and staff have been holding workshops, hosting public symposiums, facilitating online surveys and conducting random phone questionnaires.

To get an even better understanding of the community, City Council has been meeting various Guelph organizations to gather input.

To date members of Council have met with representatives from Linamar, Cargill, the University of Guelph, Enterprise Centre, Downtown Board of Management and the Provincial and Federal Governments to name but a few.

If your organization is interested in meeting with City Council to discuss Guelph’s future, please feel free to contact any member of Council. See contact page for details.

Cargill Tour

City Council Tours Cargill: L-R Bill Thoni-Cargill, Peter Cartwright-Manager Economic Development, Councillors Burcher, Findlay, Hofland, Salisbury, Mayor Farbridge, Councillors Bell and Piper and John-Cargill.